Cheers Events of San Antonio, with Diana and Mark Boucher and Jackie White, have reopened the famous Red Corral Ranch in Wimberley, Texas.  During the last 20 years, Red Corral Ranch has been host to hundreds of Brides and Grooms, retreat goers, vacationers, and thousands of other guests from around Texas, from around the U.S. and from all over the world.  Diana and Mark are welcoming everyone to come see what guests have been raving about for decades.

Red Corral Ranch has provided the perfect home away from home for Brides, Grooms and their families and friends for celebrating one of the most important events of one’s life – their wedding celebration.  Red Corral Ranch has helped all guests have one of the most memorable experiences of their lives, creating memories that last a lifetime.   Diana, Mark and Jackie regularly give tours to help serve the Brides and Grooms and give them an experience of one the most wonderful venues for their wedding weekend.

Cheers Events and Red Corral Ranch and all the staff would like to welcome everyone so you can begin gathering the memories and experiences which will stay in your hearts forever.  We look forward to serving you.  Click here for scheduling your tour.


Had Enough Politics?

Are you finally tired of all the politics we’ve had to deal with?  Are you ready to forget about it all?  Are you fed up with the bs that we’ve had to deal with on TV?  Had enough?  Do you want something better?  More restful?  Relaxing?  With no politics?

The rocking chair is ready.

Ahhh, yes. The rocking chair is ready.

Then it’s time to come to Red Corral Ranch.  We got secluded cabins, tremendous scenery, restful porches, super-comfortable beds, spacious accommodations, birds, wildlife, hot tubs, a big night sky full of stars, and lots and lots of peace and quiet – with no politics happening anywhere near your cabin.  Did I mention the peace and quiet of nature – and NO POLITICS?


Our Labyrinth among the trees

You can walk our labyrinth, ranch roads and trails, or sit on the porches and watch the wildlife, letting the breeze blow the trees, leaves and grass in a gentle motion as if the Earth itself was rocking you to a rest-filled relaxing state of mind.


Leading to the secluded Pecan Grove alongside the creek

You deserve this.  You’ve put up with a lot these past months.  Give yourself a break from the weariness of being bombarded by politics.  Bring your friends or family.  Or not.  We’ve got just what you need.  It’s time.  Come rest.  You won’t be sorry you did.  I guarantee it.


Come and rest your feet and your soul.

Jodie, the Innkeeper/Site Manager

One of our wedding guests told me she was on a treadmill at a gym, talking to another woman, telling her that they were coming to their wedding at Red Corral Ranch.  It turns out the other woman’s son got married at Red Corral Ranch.  It’s a small world sometimes.

Another story:  in the New York City Hard Rock Café, another one of our wedding guests mentioned to friends that he was coming to a wedding in Texas.  They asked where.  He told them, “Red Corral Ranch.”  “Oh, I went to a wedding there several months back” replies one of the people with him (in the New York City Hard Rock Café !)  True story.  He told me this when he arrived here.

I’d love to hear how you heard about Red Corral Ranch or if anything like this has happened to you.  Please, add your story in the comments below.

Jodie, the Site Manager and Innkeeper

Another Reason

I recycle at home and also here at work  – at Red Corral Ranch for the weddings and events that we host.  I do so, not because it’s convenient and easy, because it’s not that convenient and requires some work.  I do so, because everyone of us from time to time takes on a task that we know will benefit us and others.  Everyone of us from time to time will take on a task that we know is worth doing – has value in our own and our children’s lives – and we will add something better into our own and our families’ lives.

Here’s another reason that I recycle.

Jodie, the Innkeeper, Site Manager and Recycling Guru at Red Corral Ranch

Having helped with around 350 or more weddings while an Inn Keeper/Site Manager at Red Corral Ranch, I’ve seen so much variety and so much similarity.  In reality, I don’t know what to expect when a new family group comes in to the ranch readying themselves to have a wonderful celebration.  However, I do see some patterns with the families and groups.

Those who don’t hire a Wedding Coordinator tend to spend a lot of time working, preparing, setting up, cooking, putting things together – doing all the hundreds if not thousands of tasks needed to make the event happen.  Those that do hire a Wedding Coordinator tend to spend a lot of time relaxing, resting, taking it easy, hiking, checking out the ranch’s acreage, and doing last minute tasks.  It is what I see.

I like to see our guests enjoying themselves, but I do have to acknowledge that the whole event is theirs to decide how to do it.   For some, all the work involved – the hundreds of details – setting up, planning, working out the details – can be how they are enjoying themselves.  Still, it is many of the one’s who don’t hire a wedding coordinator that have mentioned to me – “I’m never doing this, again.”

In other words, “It seemed to be a good idea at the time.”seemedlikeagoodidea

Jodie, The Innkeeper and Site Manager

Some of the best things about Red Corral Ranch are that we can cool down the heat and warm up the cold.  No, I’m not really talking about the weather, but now that you  mention it, we are Texans.  As Texans, we have that ‘can do’ attitude.

I’m really talking about the Air Conditioning we have inside the Big Red Barn.  3 massive units turn a sweltering event into a comfortable, enjoyable and cool event for yourself and your guests.  I’m also talking about the fact that we have AC inside the Celebration Hall.  Of course, we have AC in the cabins, but anyone who doesn’t better change that.


What every adult becomes when in a pool

We also have a very nice swimming pool to cool down during even the hottest of hot days.  I think there’s even a song that goes, “There is nothing like a pool! Nothing in the world!”  I agree.

If you’ve been wondering if Red Corral Ranch can handle your event and the heat at the same time.  Our answer is not just ‘yes’, but rather – YES! Come see for yourselves.  Come schedule your event on the hottest of days and watch  your guests as they relax comfortably, enjoying your event, and glad they came to it..

Meanwhile, with regards to doing something about the weather – as I tell my guests when they give me a challenge to try and work out for their comfortable and relaxing stay at Red Corral Ranch – “Let me see what I can do.”

When you’re at Red Corral Ranch, you’re home.

Jodie, the Innkeeper and Site Manager

I had one wedding guest tell me what a wonderful time she had staying overnight with the wedding group.  She then mentioned that she has a women’s group retreat each year and the women would love this place.  She just didn’t know about Red Corral Ranch until now.  I told her “We’re working on letting people know.”

I really do hear people say, “I never knew you were here.” Or “You’re the best kept secret in Texas.”  Those comments tell us we have more work to do.  We’re trying our best to get word out … everywhere!

If you’ve had a wonderful experience at Red Corral Ranch, would you like to share it?

Are we having fun yet?

Are we having fun yet?

Jodie, the Innkeeper and Site Manager